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adequate distribution system for preliminary thoughts and ideas:


The 'ADSFPTAI', as I like to call it, is, in essence, a cart, designed to adequately distribute essays and written down ideas.
These ideas are currently provided by myself, but I would love contributions from anyone and everyone.
The purpose of the ADSFPTAI is as a platform for these ideas to be distributed to the public, and to galleries, for an absolute minimum cost.
The content of the cart is never anything more than adequate, and lives up to the Take One mantra inscribed on its rear. These are first draft essays, providing raw ideas, unfinished thoughts and probably a little bit of nonsense.


If you would like to get in touch, please email me at patrickkirk-smith@hotmail.co.uk

If you would like to see more work by (or relating to) Patrick Kirk-Smith, just go to not home, for a list of links to various places on the itnernet.

Lots of love, and the kindest of warm regards,

Patrick Kirk-Smith




If you are at all interested - or not at all, either way, you're still reading - ADSFPTAI will be touring a few UK cities in August, and one city per month thereafter. Photographs and dates will be listed here.




Leeds: 09.08.14:

sitting walking


Liverpool: 20.08.14

Machester and Sheffield: 21.08.15